J3's Standing Documents

This page contains links to the latest version of each standing document. Standing documents are J3's long lived documents, containing information useful beyond any one meeting.

Below is a list of the standing doument titles, along with their paper number. A paper number is of the form yy-nnnrn.fmt, where yy is the last two digits of the year, nnn is the paper number (for standing documents, this is less than 100), the r is a separator, the n is a verison number (so r1 is the first revision of a paper), and fmt indicates the paper's format. Links are provided to the current standing papers, in various formats. Look for a paper number matching the standing paper you want to view (i.e. if you want to look at "Friends of J3", look for a file named 012.xxx, where xxx indicates the format of the file). If there are several versions of a standing document (different formats), please check the last write date to ensure you are looking at the latest document. The links below are to the most useful format, if you want to see all formats available, click links.

Doc #Document Title
001 Membership List
002 LaTeX Document Class for J3
006 Defect Report
007 Committee Draft
008 Editorial Enhancements for Future Draft Revisions
010 J3 Work Plan
011 Editor's List of Unresolved Technical Issues
012 Emeritus Members of J3
013 Guidelines for Submitting J3 Papers
016 Fortran 2003 Interpretations for Corrigenda 1 through 5
017 Combined Technical Corrigenda 1 to 5 for Fortran 2003
018 Fortran 2008 Interpretation Update Pages
019 Fortran 2008 Combined Technical Corrigenda 1-4
020 Fortran 2008 Combined Interpretations for Corrigenda 1-4

Other formats of these documents might be found here. Historical standing documents are here.