SD-3 for Fortran 2000

  1. Source of the Proposed Project
    1. title: revision of the Fortran standard (ISO 1539-1)
    2. date submitted: September 1997
    3. submitted by: J3

  2. Description for the Proposed Project
    1. Project Type: I
    2. Document Type: standard
    3. Special Term: Fortran 2000 (unofficial name of revised language)
    4. Reference Framework: consistent with the strategic plan of SC22/WG5
    5. Development Technical Committee: J3
    6. Meetings: four week-long meetings per year
    7. Target Date for Initial Public Review (Milestone 4): 1Q 2000
    8. Estimated Useful Life of Standard : 5-10 years

  3. Business Case for Developing the Proposed Standard
    1. Description: upward-compatible extension of Fortran 95 (ISO 1539-1)

    2. Need for a Standard: see WG5 requirements and rationale

    3. Implementation Impacts of the Proposed Standard
      1. Development Costs: incremental in several areas; depending on implementation approach, some areas may involve more costs
      2. Impact on Existing or Potential Markets: see WG5 requirements and rationale
      3. Costs and Methods for Conformity Assessment: unknown
      4. Return on Investment: unknown

    4. Legal Considerations
      1. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Assertions: none known
      2. Dissemination of the Standard : no obstructions known

  4. Related Standards Activities
    1. Existing Standards: Fortran 95 (ISO 1539-1), to be superceded by Fortran 2000
    2. Related Standards Activity: J3 will be working with SC22/WG5, in accordance with the relationship described in the WG5 strategic plan
    3. Recommendations for Coordinating Liaison: J11 (for the C interoperability aspects)
    4. Recommendations for Close Liaison: none, other than SC22/WG5