Date:       May 27, 1997                                                  
To:         J3                                                            
From:       C. Mallory North, Librarian                                   
Subject:    List of Papers for Meeting 141                                
               PAPERS SUBMITTED FOR J3 MEETING 141                        
Paper Number   Submitter      Date              Title                     
J3/97-151r1    Dedo          970221  Command Line Arguments and           
htm pdf ps                           Environment Variables - Technical    
J3/97-152      Dedo          970221  Command Line Arguments and           
htm pdf ps                           Environment Variables - Questions    

J3/97-153      Maine         970225  Proposed Specs and Syntax for System 
htm pdf ps                           Arguments                   
J3/97-154      Hennecke      970313  Interoperability of Fortran and C    
htm pdf ps                           (First PDTR) (WG5-N1277)  
J3/97-155      Kearfott      970407  Proposed Syntax - Exceptions for     
htm pdf ps                           Interval Intrinsic Functions         

J3/97-156r1    Meissner      970409  Syntax and Edits for M5:  Extend     
htm pdf ps                           Max and Min Intrinsics to Character  
J3/97-157      Meissner      970409  Syntax and Edits for M6:  Extend     
htm pdf ps                           Initialization Expressions 
J3/97-158      Bierman       970410  Compile Time Optimization of Point   
htm pdf ps                           and Interval Expressions 
J3/97-159      Snyder        970415  Access to Status Error Messages      
htm pdf ps                           

J3/97-160r1    Dedo          970419  SYSTEM_CLOCK Fixup                   
htm pdf ps                           

J3/97-161r2    Dedo          970419  Lower Case and Mixed Case Syntax     
htm pdf ps                           Elements   
J3/97-162r2    Dedo          970419  Named Scratch Files                  
J3/97-163      Dedo          970424  Command Line Arguments and Environ-  
                                     ment Variables-Ideas for Straw Votes 
J3/97-164      Hendrickson   970424  Preliminary Module Proposal for      
                                     Interval Arithmetic                  
J3/97-165      Bierman       970425  RFI's from Robert Corbett            
J3/97-166      Wagener       970429  Annual Report                        
J3/97-167      Snyder        970505  Comment on 97-101 - Functional       
                                     Specifications for Derived Type I/O  
J3/97-168      Snyder        970505  Comment on 97-102 - Syntax and Edits 
                                     for Derived Type I/O                 
J3/97-169      Maine         970507  Procedure Variables                  
J3/97-170      Kearfott      970513  Properties of a good Interval        
                                     Arithmetic Standard                  
J3/97-171      Kearfott      970513  Additional Thoughts on Interval      
J3/97-172      Kearfott      970513  Handling IEEE 754 Invalid Operation  
                                     Exceptions in Real Interval          
J3/97-173      Kearfott      970513  On Handling of IEEE 754 Exceptions in
                                     Interval Relational Operators and    
J3/97-174r1    Maine         970513  Procedure Variable/Pointer Examples  
J3/97-175r1    Kearfott      970513  Justification for Interval Intrinsic 
J3/97-176      Kearfott      970513  Interval Exceptions on Non-IEEE      
J3/97-177      /JOR          970513  DT I/O and Async I/O Direction       
J3/97-178      Wagener       970514  ISO/IEC JTC 1 N 4562 - Freely Avail- 
                                     able Access to WD's and CD's         
                                     (Council Resolution 21/1997)         
J3/97-179      Wagener       970514  ISO/IEC JTC 1 N 4564 - Distribution  
                                     of Electronic ISO Documents          
J3/97-180      Kearfott      970514  Direction for Optimal Intervals      
J3/97-181      Hendrickson   970514  Module Approach to Intervals         
J3/97-182r1    Cohen         970514  Dynamic Binding and Polymorphism     
J3/97-183r2    Cohen         970514  Single Inheritance Model - Type      
J3/97-184      Bleikamp      970514  Revised Spec. for Derived Type I/O   
J3/97-185      Bleikamp      970514  Revised Syntax and Partial Edits for 
                                     Async I/O                            
J3/97-186r1    Bierman       970515  Named Expressions                    
J3/97-187r1    Zongaro       970515  U.S. Comments on Interoperability    
                                     PDTR Ballot                          
J3/97-188r1    Zongaro       970515  U.S. Comments on Interoperability    
                                     PDTR Ballot (III)                    
J3/97-189      Hirchert      970515  Comments on C Interoperability Report
J3/97-190      Hirchert      970515  Procedure Identities: Variables,     
                                     Pointers, or Something Else?         
J3/97-191      North         970516  Meeting 141 Treasurer's Report       
J3/97-192      Bierman       970516  Meeting 141 Minutes                  

Each paper may have multiple forms: .html (or .htm), .pdf, .txt, .ps;
in most cases the above link is to the first of these forms that exists. 
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