Fortran 2000 Workplan

J3 standing document J3/98-010
as of March 1998, after J3 meeting 144

The base for Fortran 2000 is Fortran 95. J3 will integrate the material from the following "R" and "T" items (and any "M"and "B" items that are finished in time) into the Fortran 95 standard to prepare the Fortran 2000 draft standard; J3 will deliver this draft document to WG5 in early 2000.

Firm Requirements
being developed by J3
specs syntax edits latest
R.1 Derived-Type Input/Output 98-134r2 R. Bleikamp
R.2 Asynchronous Input/Output 97-262 R. Bleikamp
R.3 Procedure Pointers 98-121r1 V. Snyder
R.4 Interval Arithmetic Enabling Technologies 97-199 B. Kearfott
a. Flexible Optimization Control May'98 Aug'98 Nov'98 97-263
b. Additions to Character Set May'98 Aug'98 98-119r1 T. Warnock
c. Control of Operation Rounding May'98 Aug'98 Nov'98 98-126r1
d. Control of I/O Rounding May'98 Nov'98 98-111r2 B. Kearfott
e. Specified Operator Precedence May'98 Aug'98 Nov'98
f. Constants for Opaque Types May'98 Aug'98 Nov'98 98-113 B. Kearfott
g. Unanticipated Needs
R.5 Parameterized Derived Types May'98 98-122r1 R. Maine
R.6 a. Inheritance May'98 97-196r2 M. Cohen
b. Polymorphism May'98 Aug'98 97-230r1 M. Cohen
R.7 Constructors/Destructors May'98 Aug'98 97-256 K. Hirchert
R.8 Internationalization May'98 Aug'98 Nov'98 97-146 S. Whitlock
R.9 Interoperability with C May'98 Aug'98 98-132r1 H. Zongaro
Minor Technical Enhancements (MTE)
optional - those finished by February 1999 will be included in Fortran 2000
M.1 Increased Statement Length 97-236 S. Whitlock
M.2 Intent for Pointer Arguments 97-204r1 R. Maine
M.3 Generic RATE_COUNT in SYSTEM_CLOCK 97-160r1 C. Dedo
M.4 Specifying Pointer Lower Bounds 97-205 J. Martin
M.5 Extend MAX/MIN Intrinsics to CHARACTER 97-249r1 L. Meissner
M.6 Extended Initialization Expressions 97-250r2 L. Meissner
M.7 Lower-Case Syntax Elements 97-161r2 C. Dedo
M.10 Named Scratch Files 97-193r1 C. Dedo
M.15 Renaming Defined Operators May'98 Aug'98 Nov'98 WG5#41 S. Whitlock
M.16 Derived-Type Assignment Fix May'98 Aug'98 97-197 M. Cohen
M.17 Enhanced Complex Constants 98-131r1 S. Whitlock
M.18 Command-line Arguments and Environment Variables R. Bleikamp
a. Command-line Arguments 98-135r1
b. Environment Variables May'98 Aug'98 Nov'98
M.19 VOLATILE attribute May'98 98-112r2 S. Whitlock
M.20 Allow PUBLIC Entities of PRIVATE Type 98-123 R. Maine
MTE candidates approved by WG5
lowest priority - if it has time, J3 may process some of these as MTE items
B.3 PUBLIC and PRIVATE Derived-Type Components 97-124
B.4 Stream Input/Output WG5#63
B.6 Access to Status Error Messages 97-159
B.7 IEEE I/O Rounding Inquiry Intrinsics 97-126
Technical Reports
Fortran 2000 requirements prepared and published by development bodies other than J3
T.1 Floating Point Exception Handling N1281 J. Reid
T.3 Allocatable Structure Components N1282 M. Cohen
Draft Fortran 2000 Standard
(reflects only the above R and M items for which the edits have been completed)

Document links point to plain text document formats, where available, and to pdf or postscript formats otherwise. Many of the documents are available in various formats from the J3 document repository.

Questions and suggestions regarding specific items may be addressed to the respective "champions". Questions about and corrections to this workplan may be addressed to the J3 chair.

Separate, Optional Parts of the Fortran Family of Standards
(separate standards; not incorporated into Fortran 2000)
Varying String Data Type
Functionality defined; possible derived-type/module implementation provided.
Conditional Compilation
A Fortran-like facility that provides the conditional compilation functionality of cpp, but not the other forms of preprocessing.