Date: May 27, 1998 J3/98_161 Page 1 of 1

To: J3

From: Tony Warnock

Subject: Fortran 2000 Status Report

These items have dates associated with them in document J3/98-010r1. For purposes of reporting to WG5, J3 progress is indicated

Fortran 2000 Workplan Status Report

R1 Derived-Type I/O R. Bleikamp OK

R2 Asynchronous I/O R. Bleikamp OK

R3 Procedure Pointers V. Sneider ??

R4 Interval Arithmetic Enabling Technologies B. Kearfott ??

a Flexible Optimization Control

b Additions to Character Set T. Warnock OK

c Control of Operation Rounding

d Control of I/O Rounding B. Kearfott

e Specified Operator Precedence

f Constants for Opaque Types B. Kearfott

g Unanticipated Needs

R5 Parameterized Derived Types R. Maine OK

R6 a Inheritance M. Cohen OK

b Polymorphism M. Cohen OK

R7 Constructors/Destructors K. Hirchirt OK

R8 Internalization S. Whitlock ???

R9 Interoperability with C H. Zongaro Progress

M15 Renaming Defined Operators S. Whitlock ??

M16 Derived-Type Assignment Fix M. Cohen Delay

M18 a Command-line Arguments R. Bleikamp OK

b Environment Varaibles R. Bleikamp ??

B4 Stream I/O Move Up