To:       J3                                             J3/00-228

From:     Stan Whitlock                                  Page  1 of 20

Date:     23-June-2000

Subject:  J3 meeting #153 minutes


               Minutes of NCITS/J3 Committee Meeting #153

                        May 29 - June 2, 2000

                          Las Vegas, Nevada


0. List of papers passed at meeting #153


        Here is a list of the paper numbers that passed at meeting

        #153.  The reference is to the latest revision on the ftp

        server after the meeting, not to the actual revision that

        was voted upon.  The motions below reference the actual

        revision voted upon.


    00-158   == interp #1     00-178r3            00-212

    00-159   == interp #2     00-182r1            00-213 == interp #66

    00-160r2 == interp #4     00-183r2            00-214 == interp #12

    00-161   == interp #5     00-184r2            00-215

    00-169r2                  00-187r1            00-216

    00-171r2                  00-195r2            00-218r1

    00-172r2                  00-196   @#152      00-219

    00-173r1                  00-198r1            00-220

    00-174r1                  00-199r1            00-222 edit

    00-175r1                  00-200r3            00-224

    00-176r2                  00-207              00-225r1

    00-177                    00-211


1. Monday, May 29, 2000


1.1 Opening business


        The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am, Monday, May 29,

        2000, at the Las Vegas AmerSuites Hotel.


1.1.1 Remarks from the chair - none recorded.


1.1.2 Adoption of agenda


**      motion:  adopt the agenda as amended (moved by Dick

                 Hendrickson/seconded by Dan Nagle) - passed by

                 unanimous consent (u.c.)


1.1.3 Approval of Meeting 152 minutes


**      motion:  adopt the minutes (00-157) of meeting #152

                 (DickH/Dan) - u.c.


1.1.4 NCITS/OMC report - no report was given.


1.1.5 ISO/WG5 report


        The next WG5 meeting is in Oulu, Finland, August 14-18, 2000.


        An official notice has gone out seeking a replacement for

        Keith Bierman as International Representative;  no response

        as yet.



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1.1.6 Treasurer's report


        As of 30-April-2000, all bills were paid;  the balance was

        $3762.80.  There is no meeting fee for this meeting.


1.1.7 Beginning membership report


        Members present or represented:  Keith Bierman, Richard

        Bleikamp, Richard Maine (alternate for Malcolm Cohen), Craig

        Dedo, Dick Hendrickson, Kurt Hirchert, Dan Nagle, Mallory

        North, Mike Ross, Jeanne Martin (alternate for Brian Smith),

        Van Snyder, Jon Steidel, Matthijs van Waveren, Tony Warnock,

        Stan Whitlock


        Members absent:  Henry Zongaro


        Keith Bierman will resign at the end of this meeting;  Larry

        Meadows is attending this meeting and will become Sun's

        principal representative.


        Jon Steidel's new alternate is Bill Long.


        There are 16 members of J3.  15 were present or represented.


1.1.8 Local arrangements - described but not recorded.


1.1.9 Comments from members


        Jeanne Martin asked that a list of the papers that passed be

        included in the front of the minutes.


        Dan Nagel said he had an implementation of CoCo on his web



1.2 Subgroup organization


        /JOR will act as /interp for this meeting:  Stan Whitlock

          (head), Rich Bleikamp, Dick Hendrickson, Craig Dedo, Dan

          Nagle, Jon Steidel (if needed)


          Papers to consider this week:  00-158, 00-159, 00-160,

          00-161, 00-165, 00-202, 00-203, 00-204


        /interop:  Jon Steidel (head), Keith Bierman, Richard Maine,

          Matthijs van Waveren, Larry Meadows


          Papers to consider this week:  00-168, 00-170, part of

          00-192, 00-196, 00-198, 00-199, 00-200, 00-201


        /data:  Kurt Hirchert (head), Van Snyder, Jeanne Martin, Mike



          Papers to consider this week:  00-167 (really JOR), 00-169

          (JOR), 00-170 (JOR), 00-171, 00-172 (JOR), 00-174, 00-175,

          00-176, 00-177, 00-178,  00-179 (JOR), 00-180, 00-181

          (JOR), 00-182, 00-185, 00-186, 00-187, 00-190, 00-191,

          00-192, 00-193, 00-194, 00-195, 0-197



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1.3 F95 interpretation organization - /JOR will meet as /interp all



1.4 Presentation:  TR on Module Splitting


        Van gave a talk on splitting modules into specifications and

        code at J3 meeting #144 in Lafayette, LA.  He would like to

        propose paper 00-197 to WG5 as a TR - would J3 oppose that?

        More discussion Wednesday.


1.5 Subgroup meetings - plenary recessed until 4:30 pm.


1.6 Subgroup reports - plenary reconvened at 4:30 pm.


        /interop reported that paper 00-196 was passed at J3 meeting



        The list of papers for voting, discussion, or action later

        in the week was reviewed by /data, /interop, and /interp.


        Dan will interoduce a paper on "Eliminating printing (aka

        Carriage Control" 00-220 for action later this week.


        Plenary recessed until 8:30 am Tuesday.


2. Tuesday, May 30, 2000


2.1 F2000 Plenary - plenary reconvened at 8:30 am.




**      motion:  paper 00-195r1 (Van/Kurt)


          straw vote:  Should SOURCE= require a polymorphic <source-

                       variable>?  yes-no-undecided:  0-9-5


          paper 00-195r1 as amended - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-178r1 (Van/Kurt) - withdrawn


**      motion:  paper 00-182r1 (Van/Kurt) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-183r1 (Van/Stan)


          straw vote:  3 choices:  1) require NEAREST to be as

                       defined by IEEE even if the implementation

                       does not support IEEE;  2) require NEAREST

                       to choose one of the nearest values but not

                       specify which one;  3) delete paragraph 1 of

                       Issue 237;  or undecided?  0-7-5-1 therefore

                       use alternate edits


          paper 00-183r1 as amended - passed 6-4



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**      motion:  paper 00-198r1 (Jon/Matthijs) - u.c


**      motion:  paper 00-199r1 (Jon/Matthijs) - u.c.


    /interp - status given but no papers


2.2 F95 interpretation processing - see 2.1 above


2.3 Tutorials (if needed) - none given.


2.4 Subgroup meetings - Plenary recessed until 4:30 pm.


2.5 Subgroup reports - Plenary reconvened at 4:30 pm.


        /interp acting as /JOR reported that 00-162 contained no JOR



        /interp reported on the final disposition of the first F95

        interp letter ballot (00-202, 00-203, 00-209, 00-208, 00-210):

        13 of 14 interps passed:  67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 76, 77, 79,

        80, 82, 83, 84;  interp 66 will be resubmitted to J3 in paper



        The list of papers for voting, discussion, or action later

        in the week was reviewed by /interp, /data, and /interop.


        Plenary recessed until 8:30 am Tuesday.


3. Wednesday, May 31, 2000 - Plenary reconvened at 8:30 am.


3.1 F2000 Plenary




**      motion:  paper 00-207 (Jon/Matthijs) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-211 (Jon/RichM) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-212 (Jon/Matthijs) - passed 12-1




**      motion:  paper 00-178r2 (Van/MikeR) as amended - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-169r1 (Van/Jeanne) as amended - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-171r1 (Van/MikeR) as amended - withdrawn


**      motion:  paper 00-172r1 (Van/Craig) as amended - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-187r1 (Van/Craig) - passed 7-4


**      motion:  paper 00-173 (Van/Craig) as amended - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-174 (Van/Craig) as amended - u.c.



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**      motion:  paper 00-158 (Stan/DickH) interp #1 - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-159 (Stan/Craig) interp #3 - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-161 (Stan/DickH) interp #5 as amended - u.c.


    /interp acting as /JOR


**      motion:  paper 00-205 (Dan/Van) as amended


          straw vote:  Should section 9.5.5 about printing be deleted?

                       yes-no-undecided:  8-3-4


          paper 00-205 - withdrawn


3.2 F95 interpretation processing - see 3.1 above


3.3 Presentation:  TR on Module Splitting


        straw vote:  Does J3 oppose making 00-197 a TR?

                     oppose-acquiesce-undecided:  4-9-3


        straw vote:  Does J3 oppose making 00-197 a TR this year?

                     oppose-acquiesce-undecided:  13-1-2


3.4 Subgroup meetings - Plenary recessed until 4:30 pm.


3.5 Subgroup reports - Plenary reconvened at 3:30 pm.


        The list of papers for voting, discussion, or action later

        in the week was reviewed by /data, /interp, and /interop.


        Plenary recessed until 8:30 am Tuesday.


3.6 US TAG meeting - convened at 4:00 pm


4. Thursday, June 1, 2000 - Plenary reconvened at 8:30 am.


4.1 F2000 Plenary




**      motion:  paper 00-215 (Jon/Matthijs) as ammedned - u.c.




**      motion:  paper 00-160r1 (Stan/RichB) interp #4 as amended -

                 passed 7-5


**      motion:  paper 00-213 (Stan/RichB) interp #66 - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-214 (Stan/RichB) interp #12 - u.c.


        Paper 00-165 (interp #191) was discussed:  J3 agrees with the

        direction but the answer needs more work.



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    /interp acting as /JOR


**      motion:  paper 220 (Stan/Dan) - passed 9-3


        Paper 00-205r1 will not be acted upon.




**      motion:  paper 00-216 (RichM/Kurt) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-175r1 (Kurt/RichM) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-177 (Kurt/MikeR) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-171r2 (Kurt/MikeR) edit 6 dropped - u.c.


4.2 F95 interpretation processing - see 4.1 above


4.3 Tutorials (if needed) - none given.


4.4 Subgroup meetings - Plenary recessed until 4:30 pm.


4.5 Subgroup reports - Plenary reconvened at 4:30 pm.




        The second F95 interp letter ballot will be issued after this

        meeting and will contain interps #1, 3, 4, 5, 12, and 66 that

        have passed at this meeting plus an F95 interpretation for F2K

        MTE M16 that passed long ago in paper 97-197.


    /interp acting as /JOR


        /JOR has considered paper 00-179, likes the general approach

        to derived type i/o routines specified as type-bound

        procedures, but desires one addition:


            An explicit interface, as described in, should

            override any type-bound DTIO procedure.


        /JOR encourages Van to add the necessary edits and submit a

        revised paper for the next J3 meeting.




**      motion:  paper 00-176r1 (Kurt/MikeR) as amended by paper

                 00-225 - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-184r1 (Kurt/Craig) as amended by paper

                 00-225 - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-171r2 item 6 (Kurt/Craig) as amended by

                 paper 00-225 - u.c.



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**      motion:  paper 00-225 item 4 (Kurt/DickH):  this adds an

                 unresolved issue promised in paper 00-222;  paper

                 00-192r2 will not be processed at this meeting -



**      motion:  paper 00-222 edit at the bottom (DickH/Kurt) -





**      motion:  paper 00-218r1 (Jon/Craig) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-219 (Jon/Craig) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-200r2 (Jon/Matthijs) as amended - u.c.


        Paper 00-217 will not be acted upon at this meeting.


    Plenary recessed until 8:30 am Tuesday.


5. Friday, June 2, 2000 - Plenary reconvened at 8:30 am.


5.1 F2000 Plenary




**      motion:  paper 00-224 (RichB/Jon) - u.c.


**      motion:  paper 00-223 (RichB/Craig) - withdrawn:  general

                 direction seems correct;  it will be submitted for

                 the next J3 meeting




        Paper 00-217 was not acted upon.




**      motion:  paper 00-222 edit at the bottom (Kurt/Jeanne) - u.c.


5.2 F95 interpretation processing - none


5.3 Closing business


5.3.1 Review of action items


        Tony will send status reports 00-010r4 and 00-221r1 to WG5.


        Tony will bring the following to WG5's attention:  00-007r2

        (or r1 if r2 not ready), 00-194, 00-226.


        Tony or RichM will bring the following to WG5's attention:

        the list of passed edits not incorporated into 00-007r2 and

        00-011 (if ready).



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        Stan will bring the following to WG5's attention:  00-006 (if



5.3.2 Future meetings


        Meeting #154:  Sep 18-22, 2000: Las Vegas Amerisuites, rooms

                       available from Sep 15;  reservation deadline

                       Aug 16.


        Meeting #155:  Dec 11-15, 2000: Las Vegas, Amerisuites, rooms

                       available from Dec 8-15;  reservation

                       deadline, Nov 8.


        2001 dates are tentative:  $59 rate for 2000, 2001 rate

        unknown, for Amerisuites.


5.3.3 Treasurer's report


        Meeting expenses: $162.91

        Balance: $3599.89

        No change in meeting fees for now.


5.3.4 Closing membership report


        IBM not represented at meeting 153;  membership not in danger



        MikeR excused from first F95 interp letter ballot, since he

        didn't receive it.


5.3.5 Comments from members


        Kurt: Do we need to assemble the minutes into 1 physical

              document?   Tony said NO.

        Kurt: drop appendix F from the minutes, and insert a pointer

              (full web addresses) to the 001 standing document.

              Kurt will still prepare appendix E for the minutes.


        Mallory: Rose Hulman has a web person willing to do all of

                 J3's stuff (email, web pages, archive), we will

                 move all that to Rose Hulman.  Will investigate

                 getting or, so future

                 moves will be less painful.  Spam removal will be



        Matthijs: Wants a list of papers to send to Mr. Kruyt:  JOR

                  sent email, data prepared 00-222.


5.3.6 Adjournment


        The meeting was adjourned at 9:22 am.



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Appendix A:  Meeting Agenda


             Final Agenda for J3 Meeting 153



1. Monday, May 29, 2000  8:30 am


1.1 Opening business                              T. Warnock

       Remarks from the chair                     T. Warnock

       Adoption of agenda                         T. Warnock

       Approval of Meeting 152 minutes            T. Warnock

       NCITS/OMC report (if any)                  T. Warnock

       ISO/WG5 report                             K. Bierman

       Treasurer's report                         M. North

       Beginning membership report                T. Warnock

       Local arrangements                         M. North

       Comments from members

1.2 Subgroup organization                         T. Warnock

1.3 F95 interpretation organization               S. Whitlock

1.4 Presentation:  TR on Module Splitting         V. Snyder

1.5 Subgroup meetings

1.6 Subgroup reports (4:30 pm)


2. Tuesday, May 30, 2000  8:30 am


2.1 F2000 Plenary (00-010)                        Subgroup Heads

2.2 F95 interpretation processing (00-006)        S. Whitlock

2.3 Tutorials (if needed)

2.4 Subgroup meetings

2.5 Subgroup reports (4:30 pm)


3. Wednesday, May 31, 2000  8:30 am


3.1 F2000 Plenary                                 Subgroup Heads

3.2 F95 interpretation processing                 S. Whitlock

3.3 Presentation:  TR on Module Splitting         V. Snyder

3.4 Subgroup meetings

3.5 Subgroup reports (3:30 pm)

3.6 US TAG meeting (4:00 pm)                      K. Bierman


4. Thursday, June 1, 2000  8:30 am


4.1 F2000 Plenary                                 Subgroup Heads

4.2 F95 interpretation processing                 S. Whitlock

4.3 Tutorials (if needed)

4.4 Subgroup meetings

4.5 Subgroup reports (3:30 pm if TAG)

4.6 TAG meeting (4:00) (if needed)                K. Bierman



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5. Friday, June 2, 2000  8:30 am


5.1 F2000 Plenary                                 Subgroup heads

5.2 F95 interpretation processing                 S. Whitlock

5.3 Closing business

       Review of action items (if any)

       Future meetings                            M. North

       Treasurer's report                         M. North

       Closing membership report                  T. Warnock

       Comments from members





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Appendix B                                                       J3/00-000



                 J3 REGISTER OF DOCUMENTS FOR 2000


                      Revised June 6, 2000


ftp site:

ftp mirror site:

J3 World Wide Web site URL:


                       I.  Standing Documents


Paper Number    Title


J3/00-000       Register of Documents

J3/00-001       Membership List

J3/00-002       Unassigned

J3/00-003       J3 Member References

J3/00-004       Journal of Requirements

J3/00-005       J3 Resolutions and Responses to WG5 Resolutions

J3/00-006       Defect Report

J3/00-007r1     Draft Revision to Fortran 2000

J3/00-008       Editorial Considerations for F2000 Draft Review

J3/00-009       Technical Proposals for Future Revisions

J3/00-010r4     J3 Work Plan

J3/00-011r1     Editor's List of Unresolved Issues

J3/00-012 - J3/00-100  are unassigned


                             II.  2000 Papers


                    PAPERS SUBMITTED FOR J3 MEETING 152

               LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 3, 2000


Paper Number  Date     Submitter                Title


J3/00-101    000114    Maine         Edits incorporated in 00-007


J3/00-102r1  000114    Maine         Changes to the list of unresolved

 txt                                 issues

J3/00-103r1  000131    Snyder        Miscellaneous remarks concerning

 ps                                  00-007

J3/00-104r1  000206    Snyder        Comments on SELECT TYPE


J3/00-105r3  000206    Snyder        Thoughts stimulated by issue 216


J3/00-106    000206    Snyder        Comments on INTENT


J3/00-107    000206    Snyder        Another reason for a READONLY

 ps                                  attribute

J3/00-108r1  000207    Snyder        Oversights in adding IOSTAT_END and

 ps                                  IOSTAT_EOR

J3/00-109r2  000209    Snyder        Issue 64 (again)


J3/00-110    000209    Snyder        Section headings in 9.5.1




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J3/00-111r2  000209    Snyder        Issue 79 (again)


J3/00-112r3  000210    Snyder        Exposition of command-line access


J3/00-113    000210    Snyder        Issue 14


J3/00-114r1  000211    Cohen         Issue 141 and a related problem


J3/00-115    000211    Cohen         Issues 222 and 224


J3/00-116    000214    Cohen         Issues 233, 234, and 235


J3/00-117    000214    Cohen         Procedure Interface Body


J3/00-118    000216    Cohen         Issues with NAME= and BINDNAME=


J3/00-119    000217    Takata        Review of the J3 responses to interp-

 txt                                 retation requests from Japan

J3/00-120r1  000222    Zongaro       Miscellaneous Interop Fixes (Issues

 txt                                 218 and 229)

J3/00-121    000223    Mitchell      f90gl and C Interoperability


J3/00-122r2  000223    Zongaro       Edits for Issues 149 and 120


J3/00-123    000224    Cohen         Interpretation request on ELEMENTAL

 txt                                 procedures (revised)

J3/00-124r1  000224    Cohen         Interpretation request: Scope of

 txt                                 ac-implied-DO variable

J3/00-125    000224    Cohen         VOLATILE questions


J3/00-126    000224    Whitlock      F95 Interpretations Index


J3/00-127    000224    Zongaro       Edits for Issues 89, 148, 162, 230

 txt                                 and 231 (Interop.)

J3/00-128r1  000228    Cohen         Unresolved issue 132


J3/00-129    000228    Cohen         Asynchronous questions


J3/00-130    000228    Cohen         Abstract interface blocks


J3/00-131    000228    Cohen         Miscellaneous infelicities


J3/00-132r1  000228    Dedo          Edits - VOLATILE fixups


J3/00-133    000228    Cohen         Interpretation 70: revised


J3/00-134    000229    Cohen         Issue 215


J3/00-135    000229    Cohen         Interpretation 81: revised


J3/00-136r1  000229    Snyder        Imprecision in pointer disassociation

 ps                                  and undefinition

J3/00-137r2  000229    Nagle         Issue 3


J3/00-138    000229    Snyder        Starting to rebuild finalization




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J3/00-139    000301    Maine         Command argument simplification


J3/00-140r1  000301    Bleikamp      Async volatile fixups


J3/00-141    000301    Cohen         Issue 13 and Interpretation 84


J3/00-142    000301    Whitlock      Rules for voting on Fortran 95

 txt                                 interpretations

J3/00-143r2  000301    Dedo          JOR responses to proposed edits in

 txt,ps,wpd                          J3/00-103r1 - Chapters 1, 2, 3

J3/00-144r1  000301    Snyder        Data issues from J3/00-103r1


J3/00-145    000302    Snyder        Specification functions in the

 ps                                  Glossary

J3/00-146r1  000302    Snyder        Remove identical syntax rule


J3/00-147    000302    Snyder        Issue 82


J3/00-148    000302    Cohen         Issues 17 - 19 and 211


J3/00-149r1  000302    Zongaro       Revision of ENUM syntax and un-

 txt                                 resolved issue 231

J3/00-150    000302    Steidel       New /Interop unresolved issues


J3/00-151r1  000302    Dedo          JOR responses to proposed edits in

 txt,ps,wpd                          J3/00-103r1 - Chapters 7, 8, 9

J3/00-152    000302    Snyder        Define "component order" term


J3/00-153    000302    Maine         Corrections to J3/00-007


J3/00-154    000302    Cohen         Issues 223


J3/00-155r1  000302    Cohen         ALLOCATE(MOULD=)


J3/00-156    000303    North         Meeting 152 Treasurer's Report


J3/00-157    000303    Zongaro       Meeting 152 Minutes



                    PAPERS SUBMITTED FOR J3 MEETING 153

                 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, MAY 29 - JUNE 2, 2000


Paper Number  Date     Submitter                Title


J3/00-007r1  000502    Maine         Draft revision to Fortran 2000


J3/00-010r4  000505    Warnock       J3 Work Plan


J3/00-011r1  000505    Maine         Editor's list of unresolved issues


J3/00-158    000417    Reid          Interpretation 001


J3/00-159    000417    Reid          Interpretation 003


J3/00-160r2  000417    Reid          Interpretation 004




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J3/00-161    000417    Reid          Interpretation 005


J3/00-162    000503    Maine         Edits incorporated in 00-007r1


J3/00-163    000503    Maine         Changes to list of unresolved issues


J3/00-164    000503    Maine         Editor's list of unresolved issues,

 txt                                 Part A

J3/00-165    000504    Reid          Interpretation 191


J3/00-166    000505    Maine         Editors list of unresolved issues,

 txt                                 Part B

J3/00-167    000505    Maine         F90 interp and the f2k IMPORT


J3/00-168    000508    Mitchell      Fortran pointer from C pointer


J3/00-169r2  000508    Snyder        Minor things ? left over from

 ps,pdf                              00-144r1, and a few more

J3/00-170    000508    Snyder        Syntax and symantics of VALUE attrib-

 ps,pdf                              ute, issue 214, part of issue 90

J3/00-171r2  000508    Snyder        One more little problem with pro-

 ps,pdf                              cedure pointers

J3/00-172r2  000508    Snyder        Issue 263


J3/00-173r1  000508    Snyder        Issue 262


J3/00-174r1  000508    Snyder        Issue 236


J3/00-175r1  000508    Snyder        Issue 268


J3/00-176r2  000508    Snyder        Issue 269


J3/00-177    000508    Snyder        Issue 7


J3/00-178r3  000508    Snyder        More work on SELECT TYPE and

 ps,pdf                              ASSOCIATE

J3/00-179    000508    Snyder        Derived-type input/output and its

 ps,pdf                              relation to type-bound procedures

J3/00-180r2  000508    Snyder        Define "component order" term,

 ps,pdf                              issues 17 - 19 and 211, more work on


J3/00-181    000508    Snyder        A problem I had in converting FORTRAN

 ps,pdf                              77 to Fortran 95

J3/00-182r1  000508    Snyder        Issue 266


J3/00-183r2  000508    Snyder        Part of issue 237


J3/00-184r2  000508    Snyder        Issue 258


J3/00-185    000508    Snyder        More work on extensible derived-type

 ps,pdf                              definitions

J3/00-186r1  000508    Snyder        Semantics of the select kind con-

 ps,pdf                              struct are not described, and it

                                     appears to be a mess to use

J3/00-187r1  000508    Snyder        The discussion of INTRINSIC is scat-

 ps,pdf                              tered, contradictory, and repetitive



                                                         Page 15 of 20


J3/00-188    000511    Kruyt         Blanks in ELSEWHERE


J3/00-189    000511    Kruyt         Usage of DELIM= in control-info-list

 txt                                 of transfer statement

J3/00-190    000511    Kruyt         Name of derived-type definition


J3/00-191    000511    Kruyt         Usage of name, identifier, local

 txt                                 name, local identifier

J3/00-192r2  000511    Snyder        Miscellaneous items


J3/00-193    000512    Snyder        One more try at READONLY attribute


J3/00-194r1  000512    Snyder        FINAL procedures as type-bound

 ps,pdf                              procedures

J3/00-195r2  000512    Snyder        Edits to implement decisions in

 ps,pdf                              00-155 concerning ALLOCATABLE

J3/00-196    000512    Steidel       Missed edit from meeting


J3/00-197    000515    Snyder        Draft proposed TR on Enhanced Module

 ps,pdf                              Facilities in Fortran

J3/00-198r1  000515    van Waveren   Issue 226


J3/00-199r1  000515    van Waveren   Issue 112


J3/00-200r3  000515    van Waveren   Issues 161 and 257


J3/00-201    000520    Snyder        Three problems with enumerations and

 ps,pdf                              one with type aliases

J3/00-202    000524    Whitlock      F95 Interp letter ballot # 1 (email

 txt                                 x3j3.2000-136) due 19-May-2000

J3/00-203    000524    Whitlock      Results of the F95 Interp letter

 txt                                 ballot # 1

J3/00-204    000525    Whitlock      Text of Interps 1, 3, 4, 5


J3/00-205r1  000530    Nagle         Standardize Printing (aka "carriage

 txt                                 control)

J3/00-206    000530    Steidel       Response/Disposition of 00-168


J3/00-207    000530    Steidel       Miscellaneous /Interop edits


J3/00-208    000530    Dedo          Interpretations 68 and 70


J3/00-209    000530    Bleikamp      Further results of /Interp letter

 txt                                 ballot

J3/00-210    000530    Dedo          Interpretation 67


J3/00-211    000530    Maine         Terminology of "interoperates with"


J3/00-212    000530    van Waveren   Issue 214


J3/00-213    000531    Bleikamp      Interp 66


J3/00-214    000531    Dedo          Interp 12 - Evaluation of Intrinsic

 txt,ps,wpd                          Procedures

J3/00-215    000531    Steidel       BIND(C) Syntax fixes - resolution of

 txt,ps,pdf,htm,doc                  Item 256



                                                         Page 16 of 20


J3/00-216    000531    Maine         Unresolved Issue 261


J3/00-217    000601    Maine         Unresolved Issue 257 (C Functions)


J3/00-218r1  000531    Meadows       Unresolved Issue 247


J3/00-219    000531    Meadows       Unresolved Issue 94


J3/00-220    000531    Nagle         Eliminate printing (aka "carriage

 txt                                 control")

J3/00-221r1  000601    Warnock       Report to WG5


J3/00-222    000601    Hirchert      Subgroup disposition of 00-190 and

 txt                                 00-191

J3/00-223    000601    Dedo          Regularize I/O Keywords


J3/00-224    000601    Nagle         Allow space in ELSEWHERE


J3/00-225r1  000601    Hirchert      Thursday Report


J3/00-226    000601    Hirchert      Revised Constructor Specification and

 txt                                 Syntax

J3/00-227    000602    North         Meeting 153 Treasurer's Report


J3/00-228    000602    Whitlock      Meeting 153 Minutes





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                                Appendix C


         Future Meetings and Distribution/Secretarial Assignments


Meeting Conventions:


      - Four meetings per year

      - Attempt to schedule second full week of the month

      - Attempt to schedule meeting contiguous with WG5 annual meeting


Future meeting schedule:


  154  September 18 - 22, 2000, in Las Vegas, NV

       Mallory North, acting host

       Premeeting distribution deadline:  September 4, 2000

       Premeeting distribution:  electronic

       Post-meeting distribution:  electronic

       Secretary: Stan Whitlock


  155  December 11 - 15, 2000, in Las Vegas, NV

       Mallory North, acting host

       Premeeting distribution deadline:  November 27, 2000

       Premeeting distribution:  electronic

       Post-meeting distribution:  electronic

       Secretary: Stan Whitlock


Committee materials availability:


Agenda and meeting notice available at the J3 web site and from the J3 ftp



Sent individually to other interested parties that specifically request to

be sent the material either via surface mail or electronic mail.


   REQUIREMENT:  Distribution 4 weeks prior to meeting (SD-2 4.3.3)


Pre- and post-meeting distribution available at the J3 ftp and web sites.


Sent individually to other interested parties that specifically request to

be sent the material either via surface mail or electronic mail.


   REQUIREMENT:  Distribution of premeeting 2 weeks prior to meeting.

                 (documents for action - two week rule: SD-2 4.3.4:1)


Meeting minutes are available at the J3 web and ftp sites.


ftp site:

ftp mirror site:  ftp:://

J3 World Wide Web site URL:




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                                  Appendix D


                            Committee Organization


D.1 Officers and Management


Chair                   T. Warnock

International Rep.      K. Bierman

Secretary               S. Whitlock

Treasurer               M. North

Librarian               M. North

Editor                  R. Maine (WG5 appointment)

Maintenance             S. Whitlock

Vocabulary Rep.         K. Hirchert

Future Meetings         M. North

Membership List         K. Hirchert


D.2 Subgroups


JOR:       Responsible for the maintenance of the Journal of Development

           (standing document 004) and managing the following Fortran 2000

           requirements: R.1, R.2, R.8, and all MTE and B items.


           S. Whitlock (head), R. Bleikamp, C. Dedo, D. Hendrickson,

           D. Nagle



DATA:      Responsible for language design topics related to data and data

           structures; manages the following Fortran 2000 requirements: R3,

           R5, R6, and R7.


           K. Hirchert (head), R. Maine, J. Martin, M. Ross, V. Snyder


INTERVAL:  Responsible for R.4 (enabling technologies for interval



           T. Warnock



INTEROP:   Responsible for R9 (interoperability with C)

           J. Steidel (head), K. Bierman, R. Maine, M. van Waveren


INTERP:    Responsible for evaluating interpretation requests, providing

           responses to such requests, and maintaining standing document

           006.  (Subgroup membership is the same as JOR.)



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Appendix E:  Membership summary


J3 Meeting Attendance (Principal Members)


Meeting #                     144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 152a 153

Location (state)              LA  IN  CA  NV  HI  UK  NV  NV  NV  L.B. NV

Date (month year)             02  05  08  11  03  06  08  11  02  05   05

                              98  98  98  98  99  99  99  99  00  00   00


Name                  Affiliation


Bleikamp, Richard     HP      V   V   A   V   V   A   V   A** V   V    V

Cohen, Malcolm        NAG     V   V   R   V   V   V   V   V   V   V    R

Dedo, Craig           self    V   V   V   V   A   A** V** V   V   V    V

Hendrickson, Dick     self    V   V   V   V   A   V   V   V   V   V    V

Hirchert, Kurt        U of IL V   V   V   V   V   A   A** Q

Hirchert, Kurt        U of KY                                 V   V    V

Meadows, Larry        Sun     RP  RP  RP  RP  RP  RP  RP  RP  RP  RP   V

Nagle,  Dan           self                            P   V   V   V    V

North, Mallory    Rose-Hulman V   V   V   V   V   V   V   V   V   V    V

Ross, Mike            Intel                               P   A   E    V

Smith, Brian          U of NM R   A   R   R   R   A   R   A** R   R    R

Snyder,  Van      JPL/Caltech V   A   V   V   V   V   V   V   V   V    V

Steidel, Jon          Cray    V   V   A   A** V** V   V   V   V   V    V

van Waveren, Matthijs Fujitsu         P   V   A   V   A** V   R   V    V

Warnock, Tony         LANL    V   V   V   V   V   V   V   V   V   V    V

Whitlock, Stan        Compaq  V   V   V   V   V   A   V   V   V   V    V

Zongaro, Henry        IBM     V   V   V   V   V   A   V   V   V   V    A


V    present and voting                  other voting attendees:

R    absent but represented              J Martin represented B Smith

A    absent and not represented          R Maine represented M Cohen

P    present and not voting

RP   represented by previous member      non-voting attendees:

E    excused                             K Bierman, alternate for L Meadows

Q    Resigned

**   missed 2 of last 3 meetings

***  lost membership


Total Membership at beginning of Meeting 152     16

Majority                                          9

Quorum                                            6

Total Membership at end of Meeting 152           16

Total Members Attended or Represented at 152     15

Total Attendees at Meeting 152                   16


Membership changes since last meeting:


  Larry Meadows replaced Keith Bierman as principal member from Sun.

  Bill Long became the alternate from Cray.



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Appendix F:  Membership Roster


The Membership Roster is not reproduced here.  The latest Membership

Roster may be found in