2006 January 6

WG5 Work List from Delft Resolutions -- N1630 and N1626

HTML Version of J3/05-010

Required work items --- See Delft Resolution D6 in N1630

J3 will proceed with these items as its first priority.

These items are primary. Work will go forward as a top priority.

WG5 Work Item Proposal Specifications Syntax Edits Informal Working Title
J3-001 04-319r2 05-231r4 05-231r4 05-231r4 Enhanced STOP Statement
J3-003 04-319r2 05-240r4 05-240r4 05-240r4 EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE
J3-010 04-379 04-379 04-379 05-196 Allow Empty CONTAINS
J3-013 04-382r1 05-202r1 05-202r1 05-202r1 Internal Procedures Allowed as actual arguments and procedure pointer targets
J3-019 04-388r1 05-204r2 05-204r2 05-204r2 More Intrinsic Functions (Complex Trig)
J3-020 04-389r1 05-201r2 05-201r2 05-201r2 TYPE( intrinsic-type-spec )
J3-027 04-398 05-199r2 05-199r2 05-199r2 ASCII in Lexical Comparators
J3-039 05-144r2 05-243r2 05-243r2 05-243r2 Increase Maximum Rank to 15
J3-043 05-186 05-273r2.txt 05-273r2.txt 05-273r2.txt Pointers to Contiguous Memory
J3-044 05-147r2 - - - INTENT( SCRATCH )
J3-046 05-133r2 05-237r4 05-237r4 05-237r4 DO CONCURRENT
RU-003 05-187 05-241r4 05-241r4 05-241r4 Extend Obsolescent List (Statement Functions)
RU-003 05-187 05-244r3 05-244r3 05-244r3 Extend Obsolescent List (ENTRY)
UK-001 N1626 05-208 05-208 - Co-arrays
UK-002 N1626 05-232r1 05-232r1 05-232r1 Decimal Floating Point Arithmetic
UK-005 N1626 05-233r2 05-233r2 05-233r2 Long Integers
UK-007 N1626 05-210r2 05-210r2 05-210r2 Pointer function references as Actual Arguments

Required maintenance activities --- See Delft Resolution D9 in N1630

Interpretation Processing and Editorial Improvements

WG5 Work List from Delft Resolutions -- N1630 & N1626 05-010

J3 will proceed with these items as its second priority.

Allowed work items --- See Delft Resolution D6 in N1630

J3 will proceed with these items as its third priority.

These items are secondary. Work will go forward only on a as-time-permits basis.

WG5 Work Item Proposal Specifications Syntax Edits Working Title
J3-008 04-359 - - - Rewrite attribute requirements
J3-009 04-369 - - - IO_UNIT standard derived type
J3-012 04-381 05-245r1.txt 05-245r1.txt 05-245r1.txt Use ALLOCATABLE and POINTER attributes in generic resolution
J3-014 04-181r1 - - - Parameterized module facility
J3-015 04-384r1 05-200r1 05-200r1 05-200r1 Updating complex parts
J3-018 04-387r1 05-279.txt 05-279.txt 05-279.txt Non-null initial targets for pointers
J3-023 04-189 05-194r1 05-194r1 05-194r1 Named array constant's extents from its initialization-expr
J3-024 04-395r1 05-205r2 05-205r2 05-205r2 EXIT from any labeled construct
J3-038 05-132r2 05-132r2 05-132r2 05-268r3.txt Libm: Bessel, error function, gamma, hypot
J3-041 05-159 05-281r1.txt 05-281r1.txt 05-281r1.txt Interoperability of pointers, allocatables, and assumed-shape arrays
J3-042 04-373 05-281r1.txt 05-281r1.txt 05-281r1.txt Interoperability of optional arguments
J3-043 05-188 - - - TYPELESS objects (change to BITS?)
J3-048 05-108r1 05-255r1 05-255r1 05-275r3.txt Writing Comma Separated Value files
UK-003 N1626 - - - Conformance to IEEE 754R
UK-008 N1626 05-278r2.txt 05-278r2.txt 05-278r2.txt Pointer function references as lhs in assignment
UK-009 N1626 05-245r1.txt 05-245r1.txt 05-245r1.txt Use procedureness in generic resolution

7 June 2005 WG5 Work List from Delft Resolutions -- N1630 & N1626 05-010

Work items still in limbo --- See Delft Resolution D6 in N1630

J3 will not proceed with these items.

These items are in limbo. No work will go forward unless and until WG5 changes their status.

WG5 Work Item Proposal Specifications Syntax Edits Working Title
J3-003 04-328 - - - GET_IO_UNIT
J3-004 04-342 - - - STORAGE_SIZE
J3-005 04-344r1 - - - C_SIZEOF
J3-006 04-346r2 - - - Find all available logical and character kinds
J3-016 04-385 - - - Disassociated or deallocated actual argument associated with nonpointer nonallocatable optional dummy argument is considered not to be present
J3-025 04-396r1 - - - SUBROUTINE name or FUNCTION name optional on END statements for module and internal subprograms
J3-026 04-397 - - - ATAN with two arguments works like ATAN2
J3-028 04-399 - - - Allow forward type for allocatable components
J3-029 04-400 - - - More info about GET_COMMAND[_ARGUMENT] failure
J3-030 04-407r1 - - - Simplified means to select the most commonly desired real and integer kinds
J3-032 05-124r2 - - - FINDLOC Intrinsic
J3-033 05-123r2 - - - Compiler Version
J3-034 05-157 - - - Mold on Allocate
J3-035 05-161 - - - Proposed f2k+ MTE on semicolons
RU-006 N1626 - - - Give a table with attribute compatibility
UK-004 N1626 - - - KIND environment specification
UK-004 N1626 - - - Multiple Nonzero-Rank Part References

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