07-010 -- 16 August 2007

Table 1: Required work items -- See Fairfax Resolution F5 in N1653 and See London Resolution L5 in N1691
WG5 # Specs syntaX Edits SXE Title
J3-001 05-231r4 05-231r4 05-231r4 SXE Enhanced STOP
J3-002 06-138r2 06-138r2 06-138r2 SXE Get unused I/O unit somehow
J3-003 05-240r4   05-240r4 S-E EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE
J3-008 04-359   06-169r1 --E Rewrite attribute requirements
J3-010 05-009r1 05-009r1 05-196 SXE Allow empty CONTAINS part
J3-013 05-202r1   05-202r1 S-E Internal subprograms as actual arguments and procedure pointer targets
J3-019 05-204r2   05-204r2 S-E More mathematical functions
J3-020 05-201r2 05-201r2 05-201r2 SXE Allow TYPE ( intrinsic-type-spec )
J3-027 05-199r2   05-199r2 S-E ASCII arguments for LGE etc.
J3-039 05-234r2   05-234r2 S-E Max rank + co-rank .LE. 15
J3-043 05-273r2 05-273r2 05-273r2 SXE Pointers to contiguous memory
J3-043+     06-108r1 --E More contiguous
J3-046 05-237r4 05-237r4 05-237r4 SXE DO CONCURRENT construct
RU-003     05-244r3 S-E Obsolesce ENTRY
UK-001 05-208 05-208 06-174r3 SXE Co-array Fortran for parallel programming
UK-002 05-232r1   05-232r1 S-E Decimal floating point arithmetic
UK-005 05-233r2   05-233r2 S-E Long Integers
UK-007 05-210r2   06-154r4 S-E Pointer function reference as actual argument
SXE = Specs, syntaX, Edits complete?

Table 2: Allowed work items -- See Fairfax Resolution F5 in N1653 and See London Resolution L5 in N1691
WG5 # Specs syntaX Edits SXE Title
J3-004 06-166r2 06-166r2 06-166r2 SXE STORAGE_SIZE
J3-005 06-140r1 06-140r1 06-140r1 SXE C_SIZEOF
J3-012 05-245r1   05-245r1 S-E Use ALLOCATABLE and POINTER attributes in generic resolution
J3-014+ 06-123r1 06-123r1 06-142 SXE BLOCK Structure
J3-015 05-200r1 05-200r1 05-200r1 SXE Updating complex parts
J3-015+     05-260r1 --E More updating complex parts
J3-016 06-149 06-149 06-149 SXE Nonpointer nonallocatable optional dummy is not present if corresponding actual is disassociated or deallocated
J3-016+     06-176 --E More nonpointer nonallocatable ...
J3-018 05-279 05-279 05-279 SXE Non-null initial targets for pointers
J3-022 05-198r1   05-198r1 S-E Allow a polymorphic allocatable variable in intrinsic assignment
J3-023 05-194r1 05-194r1 05-194r1 SXE Named array constant's extents from its initialization-expr
J3-024 05-205r2 05-205r2 05-205r2 SXE EXIT from any labeled construct
J3-025 06-113 06-113 06-113 SXE SUBROUTINE name or FUNCTION name optional on END statements
J3-026 06-114r2   06-114r2 S-E ATAN with two arguments works like ATAN2
J3-028 06-115r1   06-115r1 S-E Forward type for allocatable components
J3-030 06-141 06-141 06-141 SXE Simplified means to select the most commonly desired real and integer kinds
J3-032 05-124r3   06-181r1 S-E Findloc
J3-033 06-136 06-136 06-167r1 SXE Compiler Version etc.
J3-034 N1649 06-137 06-137 SXE Mold on Allocate
J3-035 05-161   06-146 S-E Proposed f2k+ MTE on semicolons
J3-038 05-268r3   05-268r3 S-E Libm: Bessel, erf, gamma, hypot
J3-038+     05-264r3 S-E ERFC_SCALED, NORM2
J3-047 N1695 N1695 N1695 SXE More BIT functions, etc.
J3-048 05-275r3 05-275r3 05-275r3 SXE Writing Comma Separated Value files
UK-008 N1626 05-278r2 06-154r4 SXE Pointer function reference as asg stmt LHS
UK-009 05-245r1   05-245r1 S-E Use procedureness in generic resolution
UK-011 N1649 N1649 06-143 SXE Impure elemental
UK-012 06-139r1 06-139r1 06-139r1 SXE Recursive I/O to different unit
SXE = Specs, syntaX, Edits complete?

Table 3: Work item converted to TR at J3-USTAG meeting 176
WG5 # Specs syntaX Edits Title
J3-041 06-171 06-171 06-171 Interoperability of pointers, allocatables, assumed-shape arrays, and optional arguments

Table 4: Not to be pursued at this time -- See Fairfax Resolution F5 in N1653 and See London Resolution L5 in N1691
WG5 # Proposal Title
J3-014+ 06-123r1 Intelligent macros
J3-047 05-274r3 TYPELESS objects (change to BITS?)
J3-007 04-348r1 Construct Name Local to Construct
J3-009 04-369 IO_UNIT standard derived type
J3-011 04-380r2 Coroutines
J3-017 04-386r2 Default initial values for absent optional dummy arguments
J3-021 04-391r1 Resolve generic without invoking a procedure or evaluating arguments
J3-029 04-400 More info about GET_COMMAND[_ARGUMENT] failure
J3-031 04-410r1 ANDTHEN and ORELSE pseudo-functions
J3-036 05-135r2 Use, Except
J3-037 05-160 Pointers and Targets
J3-040 05-103r1 Compute if actual arg is present
J3-044 05-236r1 New Intents
J3-045 05-148r1 Same Assumed Shape declaration
J3-049 05-104r1 Select between expressions
RU-003 N1626 Delete statement functions
RU-004 N1626 Subset of Fortran Standard which does not include redundant features
UK-003 N1626 Conformance to IEEE 754R
UK-004 N1626 KIND environment specification
UK-006 N1626 Multiple Nonzero-Rank Part References
UK-010 N1626 Partial initialization of PARAMETERs

Table 5: Work items combined with others -- See Fairfax Resolution F5 in N1653
WG5 # Combined Title
J3-006 UK-004 Find all available logical and character kinds
J3-042 J3-041 Interoperability of optional arguments
RU-001 J3-039 Remove restriction on the maximum rank of arrays
RU-002 J3-024 Extend the semantics of the EXIT statement
RU-005 J3-047 Extend a set of array intrinsic functions (reduced)
RU-006 J3-008 Give a table with attribute compatibility