Paper & formatsDateSubmitterTitle
J3/97-193r1 ps txt 970725 Dedo Edits - Named Scratch Files
J3/97-194 ps 970709 Snyder White Paper on Object Oriented Programming in Fortran
J3/97-195 ps 970709 Snyder Single Inheritance Model - Type Extension
J3/97-196r2 txt 970718 Cohen Proposed Draft Syntax for Single Inheritance / Type Extension
J3/97-197 txt 970718 Cohen Derived - Type Assignment Fix
J3/97-198 ps 970723 Chiriaev Composite Functions in Interval Mathematics
J3/97-199 ps 970723 Chiriaev Interval Arithmetic Specifications
J3/97-200 ps 970724 Epstein Conditional Compilation in Fortran (Draft CD)
J3/97-201 ps 970725 Dedo Command Line Arguments - Technical Specification
J3/97-202r1 txt 970729 Maine Edits for Subobject Cleanup
J3/97-203 txt 970731 Maine Command Line Argument Rehash
J3/97-204r1 txt 970801 Maine Edits for M.2, Intent for Pointer Arguments
J3/97-205 txt 970801 Maine Pointer Lower Bounds and Zero Size
J3/97-206 txt 970801 Maine Status of F2K Edits
J3/97-207 txt 970801 Meissner Edits for M.5: Extend Max and Min Intrinsics to Character Type
J3/97-208r1 txt 970801 Meissner Syntax and Edits for M.6: Extend Initialization Expressions
J3/97-209r1 ps txt 970807 Hirchert Constructors/Destructors
J3/97-210 ps txt 970807 Hirchert Non-KIND Parameter Allocation
J3/97-211 txt 970807 Kearfott Recommendations for the Development of Interval Arithmetic in Fortran 2000
J3/97-212 pdf 970811 Wagener Recommendations for the Development of Interval Arithmetic in Fortran 2000
J3/97-213 txt 970811 Meissner Announcement Concerning Fortran 90 Interface for OpenGL
J3/97-214 ps 970811 Mitchell A Fortran 90 Interface for OpenGL
J3/97-215 txt 970811 Maine Correspondence about F90 OpenGL Bindings
J3/97-216r2 ps txt 970811 /JOR Syntax and Edits for Async I/O
J3/97-217r1 ps txt 970811 /JOR Specs and Syntax for Derived Type I/O
J3/97-218r2 pdf ps 970812 Snyder Procedure Pointer Syntax
J3/97-219 htm 970812 Wagener J3 Response to WG5 Resolution V4
J3/97-220 htm 970812 Wagener SD-3 for Fortran 2000
J3/97-221r1 htm txt 970812 Martin Review of WG5-N1301
J3/97-222r1 txt 970812 /Interval_1 Assignment Operators
J3/97-223r1 ps txt 970812 Dedo Interoperability with C - Response to PDTR
J3/97-224r1 txt 970813 /Interval_2 Should Intervals be Specified via a Module?
J3/97-225 txt 970813 Maine F95 Interp, G Editing Typo
J3/97-226r1 txt 970813 Bierman Standardization
J3/97-227r2 txt 970814 Maine Review of NISTIR 5985
J3/97-228 htm 970814 Wagener J3 Recommendation Regarding Interval Arithmetic
J3/97-229r1 txt 970814 Bierman Interval Sub-Projects
J3/97-230r1 txt 970814 Cohen Dynamic Dispatch (Procedure Polymorphism) Specifications and Illustrative Syntax
J3/97-231 htm 970814 Wagener Responses to WG5 Resolutions
J3/97-232 txt 970815 North Meeting 142 Treasurer's Report
J3/97-233 ps txt 970915 Rolison Meeting 142 Minutes

Other formats may be available from the J3 document repository.