Date: November 18, 1998 J3/98_010/r3 Page 1 of 3

To: J3

From: Tony Warnock

Subject: Fortran 2000 Status Report

Fortran 2000 Workplan Status Report

The base for Fortran 2000 is Fortran 95. J3 will integate the material the following "R" and "T" items (and any "M" and "B" items that are finished in time) into the Fortran 95 standard to prepare the Fortran 2000 draft standard. J3 will deliver this draft document to WG5 in early 2000.

Item Champion


R1 Derived-Type I/O R.Bleikamp

Specs: 98-189r1 Syntax: 98-189r1 Edits: 98-189r1

R2 Asynchronous I/O R.Bleikamp

Specs: Syntax: Edits: 97-262

R3 Procedure Pointers V.Snyder

Specs: Syntax: 97-218r2 Edits: 98-121r1

R4 Interval Arithmetic Enabling Technologies B.Kearfott

Specs: 97-199 Syntax: Edits:

b Additions to Character Set T.Warnock

Specs: Syntax: Edits: 98-119r1

d Control of I/O Rounding D.Hendrickson

Specs: 98-111r2 Syntax: 97-144 Edits: 98-190r1

f Constants for Opaque Types M.Cohen

Specs:98-230 Syntax:98-230 Edits:

R5 Parameterized Derived Types R.Maine

Specs: Syntax: Edits: 98-122r1

R6 Object Oriented Technologies

a Inheritance M.Cohen

Specs: Syntax: Edits: 97-196r2

b Polymorphism M.Cohen

Specs: 97-230r1 Syntax: Edits: 98-201

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R7 Constructors/Destructors K.Hirchert

Specs: 97-209r1,256 Syntax: 98-138 Edits:98-229r1

R8 Internationalization S.Whitlock

Specs: 98-199r1 Syntax: 98-199r1 Edits: 98-199r1

R9 Interoperability with C H.Zongaro

Specs: 98-165r1 Syntax: 98-195r2 Edits:98-240r1

Minor Technical Enhancements

M1 Increased Statement Length S.Whitlock

Specs: Syntax: Edits: 97-236

M2 Intent for Pointer Arguments R.Maine

Specs: 97-240r1 Syntax: Edits:


Specs: 97-160r1 Syntax: Edits:

M4 Specifying Pointer Lower Bounds J.Martin

Specs: 97-205 Syntax: Edits:

M5 Extemd MAX/MIN Intrinsics to CHARACTER L.Meissner

Specs: 97-249r1 Syntax: Edits:

M6 Extended Initialization Expressions L.Meissner

Specs: 97-250r2 Syntax: Edits:

M7 Lower Case Syntax Elements C.Dedo

Specs: 97-161r2 Syntax: Edits:

M10 Named Scratch Files C.Dedo

Specs: 97-193r1 Syntax: Edits: 98-197

M15 Renaming Defined Operators D.Hendrickson

Specs: 98-158 Syntax: Edits:98-241r1

M16 Derived-Type Assignment Fix M.Cohen

Specs: Syntax: Edits: 97-197

M17 Enhanced Complex Constants S.Whitlock

Specs: 98-131r1 Syntax: Edits:

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M18 Command Line Arguments and Environment Variables

a Command-Line Arguments R.Bleikamp

Specs: Syntax: Edits: 98-135r2

b Environment Variables R.Bleikamp

Specs: 98-163 Syntax: Edits:98-234r1

M19 VOLATILE Attribute S.Whitlock

Specs: 98-191r1 Syntax: 98-191r1 Edits: 191r1

M20 Allow PUBLIC Entities of PRIVATE Type R.Maine

Specs: 98-123 Syntax: Edits:

M21 Flexible Optimization Control

Specs: 97-263 Syntax: Edits:discontinued

M22 Control of Operation Rounding

Specs: 98-126r1 Syntax: Edits:

M23 Access to Status Error Messages V.Snyder

Specs:98-213r3 Syntax:98-213r3 Edits:98-213r4

M24 Mixed PUBLIC and PRIVATE Type Components R.Maine

Specs: 98-198 Syntax: 98-198 Edits:98-228r1

M25 Stream I/O

Specs:98-209r1 Syntax:98-209r1 Edits:98-211r1

Technical Reports from Bodies other than J3

T1 Floating Point Exception Handling J.Reid

Specs: N1281 Syntax: Edits:

T3 Allocatable Structure Components M.Cohen

Specs: N1282 Syntax: Edits:

Optional Parts of the Fortran Family of Standards

Varying String Data Type Standard/Approved

Functionality defined; possible derived-type/module implementation provided.

Conditional Compilation draft in progress

A Fortran-like facility that provides the conditional compilation functionality of CPP, but not the other forms of preprocessing.