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To: J3

From: Dan Nagle

Subject: WG5 Schedule for Fortran 2008

Date: 2007 August 18

J3's Response to WG5-N1693, adopted by WG5 at during the Joint Meeting with J3 during 2007 August in London

J3 concurs with WG5's intentions as expressed in N1693 with respect to the revised schedule for Fortran 2008.

Stages of the Development of Fortran 2008, and the J3 anticipated schedule

J3 Meeting Year-Month Major Agenda Focus
J3 168 2004 May Nominate Features
J3 169 2004 August Nominate Features
J3 170 2004 November Nominate Features
J3 171 2005 February Nominate Features
WG5/J3 172 2005 May Choose Features
J3 173 2005 August Define Features
J3 174 2005 November Define Features
WG5/J3 175 2006 February Final Features
J3 176 2006 May Complete Features
J3 177 2006 August Review Draft (A/B/C)
J3 178 2006 November Review Draft (A/B/C)
J3 179 2007 February Review Draft (A/B/C)
J3 180 2007 May Review Draft
WG5/J3 181 2007 August Review Draft
J3 182 2007 November Working Draft
J3 183 2008 February Pass to WG5

The WG5 process and stages follows

Stage Year-Month
Repository started 2004-05
Preliminary choice of significant features 2005-04
Final choice of significant features 2006-02
Completion of separate edits 2006-05
New Work Item proposed to SC22 2006-08
First working draft available 2007-12
WG5 review of working draft 2008-02
WG5 approval of draft CD 2008-04
First CD submitted for registration and approval 2008-05
First CD ballot initiated 2008-05
First CD ballot comments available 2008-10
WG5 ballot resolution meeting 2008-11
WG5 review meeting 2009-05
Final CD submitted for approval 2009-07
Final CD ballot initiated 2009-08
Final CD ballot comments available 2009-12
WG5 approval of draft DIS 2010-02
DIS registered 2010-03
DIS ballot initiated 2010-03
DIS ballot results available 2010-05
Standard published 2010-06


This plan is based on the assumption that we aim for a minor revision in 5 years time, much as for Fortran 90/95. Reasons:

  1. Vendors will need time to implement all of Fortran 2003,
  2. Vendors will need time to optimize any of Fortran 2003,
  3. Users will need time to learn much of Fortran 2003,
  4. Users will need time to learn where Fortran 2003 needs improvement,
  5. Authors will need time to prepare textbooks and other media supporting Fortran 2003,
  6. Vendors will need time to keep the on-going costs of developing Fortran compilers within that which may be recouped from the on-going sales of Fortran processors, and
  7. A minor update is indicated by the alternation between major and minor updates experienced so far.

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