US Fortran Standards Committee

Welcome to the home of INCITS PL22.3, the US Fortran Programming Language Standards Technical Committee, formerly known as ANSI X3J3 and informally referred to as "J3". J3 is the US National Body for the international Fortran standards committee, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5 and is tasked with developing the technical content of Fortran standards.

J3 meetings, documents, and membership are open to anyone worldwide. Meeting information and documents are available from this website; membership information may be obtained from any committee member.

This site serves primarily as a repository for J3 documents. You can browse documents through the links in the menu bar above. For information on the Fortran standard in general, please visit the WG5 (ISO Fortran Standards Committee) web site.

Next J3 Meeting

#229 February 21 - 24, 2023, Berkeley, CA, USA

Note: Meeting information and documents typically become available about a month before the meeting. Documents for a meeting tend to appear from time to time up until the date of the meeting; documents generated at the meeting appear sometime after the close of meeting.

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