Emeritus Members

This is standing document 012, last updated 2022-03-03

To: J3                                                     J3/22-012r1
From: Steve Lionel
Subject: Emeritus members of PL22.3(J3)
Date: 2022-March-03

INCITS (J3's parent organization) allows former members to be nominated
for "Emeritus" status. The INCITS policies and procedures document states:

	The Emeritus Member title recognizes individuals for their extensive
	contribution to standards activities and enables INCITS to call on
	their extensive history and talent for continuity following their
	retirement from the ICT industry.

	A nomination for appointment as an Emeritus Member shall be made
	either by resolution of the sponsoring TC, TG or SG; or by the INCITS
	Secretariat. The recommendation may be proposed once the individual
	meets the following requirements:

	- must not be a representative of a dues-paying member of the committee;
	- shall have served on an INCITS TC, TG or SG for a minimum of 10
	  years; and
	- shall have made significant contributions to standards efforts.

	Emeritus Members hold non-voting, non-dues-paying memberships in
	relation to a specific TC, TG or SG.

Note that ISO does not recognize INCITS Emeritus status.

The following former members of J3 currently have Emeritus status with
INCITS as of March 3, 2022:

Dick Hendrickson
Richard Maine
Dan Nagle
Van Snyder

The following former members of J3 were granted Emeritus status by J3
and the INCITS Executive Board, but for various reasons do not appear
on the INCITS roster for PL22.3. Some of them, sadly, are no longer with
us. These are considered "Friends of J3":

Keith Bierman
Walt Brainerd
Kurt Hirchert
Tom Lahey
Jeanne Martin
Loren Meissner
Mallory North
Brian Smith
Jerry Wagener
Stan Whitlock

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