Standing Documents

This page contains links to the latest version of each standing document. Standing documents are J3's long lived documents, containing information useful beyond any one meeting. Some documents are listed for historical purposes only.

Doc # Last Revised Title
0012021-02-22Membership report
0022008-07-31LateX Document Class for PDF Work
0042020-03-31Journal of Requirements
0052019-09-14WG5 Strategic Plan and Schedule
0062016-12-11Defect Report
0072020-12-15Fortran 202x Working Draft
0082017-03-10Editorial Enhancements for Future Draft Revisions
0092019-11-07Fortran 202Y Candidates
0102020-02-03Work Plan for Fortran 202x
0112020-12-18Editor's list of unresolved technical issues
0122013-01-30Emeritus Members of J3
0132016-06-09Guidelines for Submitting J3 Papers
0142006-06-30Cumulative Edits for F2008
0152005-10-25Fortran 95 Interpretations
0162005-10-25Fortran 2003 Interpretations for Corrigenda 1 through 5
0172005-10-25Combined Technical Corrigenda 1 to 5 for Fortran 2003
0182016-02-11Fortran 2008 Interpretation Update Pages
0192016-12-26Fortran 2008 Combined Technical Corrigenda 1-4
0202016-12-26Fortran 2008 Combined Interpretations for Corrigenda 1-4

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