Documents for meeting 141

Name Date Author(s) Title
97-010r2.pdf1996-11-15WagenerX3J3/96-115r7, X3J3 Work Plan
97-151r1.pdf1997-02-21DedoCommand Line Arguments and Environment Variables - Technical Sp ecification
97-152.pdf1997-02-21DedoCommand Line Arguments and Environment Variables - Questions and Answers
97-153.txt1997-02-25MaineProposed Specs and Syntax for System Arguments
97-154.pdf1997-03-13HenneckeInteroperability of Fortran and C (First PDTR) (WG5-N1277)
97-155.txt1997-04-07KearfottProposed Syntax - Exceptions for Interval Intrinsic Functions
97-156.txt1997-04-09MeissnerSyntax and Edits for M5: Extend Max and Min Intrinsics to Character Type
97-156r1.pdf1997-04-09MeissnerSyntax and Edits for M5: Extend Max and Min Intrinsics to Character Type
97-157.txt1997-04-09MeissnerSyntax and Edits for M6: Extend Initialization Expressions
97-158.pdf1997-04-10BiermanCompile Time Optimization of Point and Interval Expressions
97-159.pdf1997-04-15SnyderAccess to Status Error Messages
97-160.pdf1997-04-19DedoSYSTEM_CLOCK Fixup
97-160r1.pdf1997-04-19DedoSYSTEM_CLOCK Fixup
97-161.pdf1997-04-19DedoLower Case and Mixed Case Syntax Elements
97-161r2.pdf1997-04-19DedoLower Case and Mixed Case Syntax Elements
97-162.pdf1997-04-19DedoNamed Scratch Files
97-162r2.pdf1997-04-19DedoNamed Scratch Files
97-163.pdf1997-04-24DedoCommand Line Arguments and Environ- ment Variables-Ideas for Straw Votes
97-164.txt1997-04-24HendricksonPreliminary Module Proposal for Interval Arithmetic
97-165.txt1997-04-25BiermanRFI's from Robert Corbett
97-166.pdf1997-04-29WagenerAnnual Report
97-167.pdf1997-05-05SnyderComment on 97-101 - Functional Specifications for Derived Type I/O
97-168.pdf1997-05-05SnyderComment on 97-102 - Syntax and Edits for Derived Type I/O
97-169.txt1997-05-07MaineProcedure Variables
97-170.txt1997-05-13KearfottProperties of a good Interval Arithmetic Standard
97-171.pdf1997-05-13KearfottAdditional Thoughts on Interval Arithmetic
97-172.pdf1997-05-13KearfottHandling IEEE 754 Invalid Operation Exceptions in Real Interval Arithmetic
97-173.pdf1997-05-13KearfottOn Handling of IEEE 754 Exceptions in Interval Relational Opera tors and Intri
97-174r1.txt1997-05-13MaineProcedure Variable/Pointer Examples
97-175r1.txt1997-05-13KearfottJustification for Interval Intrinsic Operators
97-176.txt1997-05-13KearfottInterval Exceptions on Non-IEEE Machines
97-177.pdf1997-05-13/JORDT I/O and Async I/O Direction
97-178.pdf1997-05-14WagenerISO/IEC JTC 1 N 4562 - Freely Avail- able Access to WD's and CD 's (Council Re
97-179.pdf1997-05-14WagenerISO/IEC JTC 1 N 4564 - Distribution of Electronic ISO Documents
97-180.txt1997-05-14KearfottDirection for Optimal Intervals
97-181.txt1997-05-14HendricksonModule Approach to Intervals
97-182r1.pdf1997-05-14CohenDynamic Binding and Polymorphism
97-183r2.pdf1997-05-14CohenSingle Inheritance Model - Type Extension
97-183r2.pdf1997-05-14CohenSingle Inheritance Model - Type Extension
97-184.pdf1997-05-14BleikampRevised Spec. for Derived Type I/O
97-185.pdf1997-05-14BleikampRevised Syntax and Partial Edits for Async I/O
97-186r1.txt1997-05-15BiermanNamed Expressions
97-187r1.txt1997-05-15ZongaroU.S. Comments on Interoperability PDTR Ballot
97-188r1.txt1997-05-15ZongaroU.S. Comments on Interoperability PDTR Ballot (III)
97-189.pdf1997-05-15HirchertComments on C Interoperability Report
97-190.pdf1997-05-15HirchertProcedure Identities: Variables, Pointers, or Something Else?
97-191.txt1997-05-16NorthMeeting 141 Treasurer's Report
97-192.pdf1997-05-16BiermanMeeting 141 Minutes
agenda141.txt1997-12-31Agenda for meeting 141
notice141.txt1997-12-31Notice for meeting 141
papers141.txt1997-12-31Paper list for meeting 141

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