Documents for meeting 143

Name Date Author(s) Title
97-000.txt1997-11-10J3 REGISTER OF DOCUMENTS FOR 1997
97-234.pdf1997-09-10WagenerWithdrawal or Reaffirmation of the ANSI F90
97-236.txt1997-10-15RolisonIncreased Statement Length (specs, syntax, edits)
97-237.txt1997-10-15RolisonInterpretation Request # 1 Visibility of a Data Object with Statement Scope
97-238.txt1997-10-15RolisonInterpretation Request # 2 Free Source Form Requirement for Blank in PRINT State
97-238r1.txt1997-10-15RolisonInterpretation Request # 2 Free Source Form Requirement for Blank in PRINT State
97-239.txt1997-10-15RolisonInterpretation Request # 3 Ability to Overload the Character Operator //
97-240.txt1997-10-15RolisonInterpretation Request # 4 Value Returned by MAXVAL/MINVAL
97-241.txt1997-10-15RolisonInterpretation Request # 5 Value Returned by SELECTED_REAL_KIND
97-242.txt1997-10-15RolisonInterpretation Request # 6 Character Length Specification of a Function Result
97-243.txt1997-10-15RolisonInterpretation Request # 7 Optional Intrinsic Function Argument s
97-244.txt1997-10-19ClodiusNumeric Type Extensions and Fortran
97-245.txt1997-10-20RolisonInterpretation Request # 8 Optional Arguments to MAX/MIN
97-246.txt1997-10-20RolisonInterpretation Request # 9 INTENT of MOLD Argument to TRANSFER
97-248r1.pdf1997-10-23SnyderEdits for Procedure Pointers
97-248r2.pdf1997-10-23SnyderEdits for Procedure Pointers
97-249r1.txt1997-10-29MeissnerEdits for M.5: Extend MAX and MIN Intrinsics to Character Type
97-250r2.txt1997-10-29MeissnerAdditional Edits for M.6: Extend Initialization Expressions
97-251.pdf1997-10-30SnyderAlternative Edits and New Syntax for Procedure Pointers
97-252.txt1997-11-06RolisonSpecification and Syntax for Allowing Named Constants in a Complex Constant
97-253.txt1997-11-10RolisonInterpretation Request # 10 Meaning of Imbedded Blanks in NAMELIST Input Name
97-255.txt1997-11-10BleikampNotes on 97-007r1 Async Edits
97-256.pdf1997-11-10HirchertINITIAL | FINAL Procedures
97-257.txt1997-11-10WarnockFortran Character Set
97-258.txt1997-11-11WagenerMore Heat on Command Line Arguments
97-259r1.txt1997-11-11DedoEvaluation of Intrinsic Procedures
97-260.txt1997-11-12WarnockPer Operation Rounding Mode
97-261.pdf1997-11-12HirchertPolymorphism Issue
97-262.txt1997-11-12BleikampFurther ASYNC I/O Edits
97-263.txt1997-11-13WarnockRuminations on Interline Optimization
97-264.txt1997-11-13MainePartial Edits for R.5, PDTs
97-265.pdf1997-11-13HirchertExample of Polymorphism Issue
97-266r1.txt1997-12-31NorthMeeting 143 Treasurer's Report (Revised)
97-266r2.txt1997-12-31NorthMeeting 143 Treasurer's Report (Revised)
97-267.pdf1997-11-14CuthbertsonMeeting 143 Minutes
98-010.pdf1998-12-01Fortran 2000 Workplan
agenda143.txt1997-12-31Agenda for meeting 143
notice143.txt1997-12-31Notice for meeting 143
papers143.txt1997-12-31Paper list for meeting 143

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