Documents for year 1992

Name Date Meeting Author(s) Title
92-121.pdf2021-10-30121Martin?Minutes of meeting 121 (scanned)
92-181.txt1992-08-26122WagenerX3J3 Organization and Major Activities
92-pFR-call.pdf1992-08-25122MossHow to Propose a Fortran Requirement
92-pFR-call.r1.pdf1992-08-26122MossHow to Propose a Fortran Requirement
agenda122.txt1992-08-03122Agenda for meeting 122
agenda123.txt1992-11-09123Agenda for meeting 123
min-122.txt1992-08-07122Minutes of Meeting #122
minutes121.pdf2021-10-30121Martin?Minutes of meeting 121 (searchable)
minutes123.txt2023-06-28123WagenerInformal JLW report of X3J3 meeting 123
s20.122.txt1992-09-29122Defect reports
s20.123.txt1992-11-20123Defect reports

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