Documents for meeting 136

Name Date Author(s) Title
96-021.txt1995-11-27Shepherd006 post-meeting 135 letter ballot
96-022.txt1995-11-30MaineEdits incorporated in X3J3/95-007R2
96-023.pdf1996-01-10DedoEvaluation of Intrinsic Procedures
96-024.txt1996-01-09ShepherdResults of the post meeting 135 006 letter ballot
96-025.txt1996-01-19ShepherdRFI on EXTERNAL submitted by M. Hennecke
96-026.txt1996-01-19Shepherd96-006 status
96-027.txt1996-01-19EpsteinWhat is a CoCo module?
96-028.pdf1996-01-23KearfottInterval Arithmetic in Fortran -- Some Specics
96-029.txt1996-01-23KearfottInterval Arithmetic in Fortran -- Some Specifics
96-030.txt1996-01-29MaineEdits made to X3J3/95-007R2
96-053.pdf1996-02-09DedoMinutes of Meeting #136
min-136.pdf1996-12-31DedoMinutes of Meeting 136

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