Documents for meeting 196

Name Date Author(s) Title
11-229.txt2011-07-18WhitlockJ3 Fortran interp letter ballot #24 - due 19-Aug-2011
11-230.txt2011-09-25SnyderMeeting 195 Treasurer's Report
11-231.txt2011-09-26LongMisc Edits to TS 29113
11-231r1.txt2011-10-10LongMisc Edits to TS 29113
11-231r2.txt2011-10-11LongMisc Edits to TS 29113
11-232.txt2011-09-26LongPDTS 29113 Ballot comment GB7
11-232r1.txt2011-10-10SnyderPDTS 29113 Ballot comments GB6 and GB7
11-232r2.txt2011-10-11SnyderPDTS 29113 Ballot comments GB6 and GB7
11-233.txt2011-10-01ReidInterps F08/0003 and F08/0038
11-234.txt2011-10-03LongUK Comments GB30-GB32 TS 29113
11-234r1.txt2011-10-11CorbettUK Comments GB30-GB32 TS 29113
11-234r2.txt2011-10-12CorbettUK Comments GB30-GB32 TS 29113
11-235.txt2011-10-04ReidEdits to PDTR 29913
11-235r1.txt2011-10-10SnyderEdits to PDTR 29913 in response to GB3
11-235r2.txt2011-10-11SnyderEdits to PDTR 29913 in response to GB3
11-236.txt2011-10-06LongComments GB10 and GB11 on TS 29113
11-236r1.txt2011-10-11WhitlockComments GB10 and GB11 on TS 29113
11-237.txt2011-10-06LongRenumber clauses in TS 29113
11-238.txt2011-10-06ReidGB36: edits to PDTR 29113
11-238r1.txt2011-10-11SnyderGB36: edits to PDTR 29113
11-238r2.txt2011-10-12SnyderGB36: edits to PDTR 29113
11-239.txt2011-10-06LongComment GB20 on TS 29113
11-240.txt2011-10-06LongComment GB48 on TS 29113
11-240r1.txt2011-10-10LongComment GB48 on TS 29113
11-240r2.txt2011-10-11LongComment GB48 on TS 29113
11-241.txt2011-10-06CohenResults of the J3 interp letter ballot #24
11-242.txt2011-10-10LongConvert TR 29113 to TS 29113
11-242r1.txt2011-10-10LongConvert TR 29113 to TS 29113
11-243.txt2011-10-10LongReplace "points to" in TS 29113
11-243r1.txt2011-10-11LongReplace "points to" in TS 29113
11-244.txt2011-10-10ReidGB 37-39: edits to PDTR 29113
11-244r1.txt2011-10-11ReidGB 37-39: edits to PDTR 29113
11-244r2.txt2011-10-12ReidGB 37-39: edits to PDTR 29113
11-246.txt2011-10-11SnyderPDTR 29113 Lifetimes and Pointers
11-247.txt2011-10-11SnyderIncompleteness in 1539-1
11-248.txt2011-10-11ReidDIN comment 2
11-249.txt2011-10-11SnyderDIN1: edits to PDTR 29113
11-249r1.txt2011-10-12SnyderDIN1: edits to PDTR 29113
11-250.txt2011-10-11ReidGB 43: edits to PDTR 29113
11-251.txt2011-10-11SnyderDIN4: edits to PDTR 29113
11-251r1.txt2011-10-12SnyderDIN4: edits to PDTR 29113
11-252.txt2011-10-11RasmussenComment GB51 on TS 29113
11-253.txt2011-10-11RasmussenComment GB51 on TS 29113
11-254.txt2011-10-12LongComment GB44 TS 29113
11-255.txt2011-10-12Whitlockinterp F03/0120
11-255r1.txt2011-10-13Whitlockinterp F03/0120
11-256.txt2011-10-12ReidCoarray requirements
11-256r1.txt2011-10-13ReidCoarray requirements
11-256r2.txt2011-10-12ReidCoarray requirements
11-257.txt2011-12-31NagleF03/0096 Can a read statement change the unit value?
11-257r1.txt2011-10-13NagleF03/0096 Can a read statement change the unit value?
11-257r2.txt2011-10-14NagleF03/0096 Can a read statement change the unit value?
11-258.txt2011-10-12SnyderInterpretation request F08/0008 revisited
11-259.txt2011-10-01SnyderCOPY_ASYNC using asynchronous I/O
11-260.txt2011-10-01SnyderInterpretation request F03/0021
11-260r1.txt2011-10-01WhitlockInterpretation request F03/0121
11-261.txt2011-10-13Corbettinterp F08/0055
11-262.txt2011-10-16SnyderMeeting 196 Treasurer's Report
11-263.txt2011-10-19WhitlockMinutes of meeting #196
12-101.txt2012-10-19WhitlockMinutes of meeting #196
12-101r1.txt2012-10-19WhitlockMinutes of meeting #196
agenda196.txt2011-12-31Agenda for meeting 196
notice196.txt2011-12-31Notice for meeting 196

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