Documents for meeting 225

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Name Date Status Author(s) Title
21-007r2.pdf2021-08-30Info CohenFortran 202x Working Draft
21-170.txt2021-08-03Pending Snyder16.10.2.22 OUTPUT_UNIT needs to specify it works for PRINT
21-171.txt2021-08-30Info CohenEditor's report for 21-007r2
21-172.txt2021-09-02Vote LionelF18/033 interp E/EN/ES/D output exponent when w=0
21-173.txt2021-09-07Expired CohenJ3 Fortran interp letter ballot #37 - due 07-October-2021
21-174.txt2021-09-25Pending ReidUS 09, C_F_STRPOINTER and F_C_STRING
21-175.txt2021-09-25Superseded ReidUS 12, arrays of coarrays
21-175r1.txt2021-10-13Pending ReidUS 12, arrays of coarrays
21-176.txt2021-09-25Pending ReidUS 13, Put with Notify
21-177.txt2021-09-26Unknown SnyderScale factor and defined input/output
21-178.txt2021-10-04Pending ReidUS 15, simple procedures.
21-179.txt2021-10-04Pending SnyderEnumerator accessibility and constructor
21-180.txt2021-10-07Vote SteidelEdited constraint in F2018
21-181.txt2021-10-11Vote Bleikamp, JORI/O fixes from the editor's report
21-182.txt2021-10-12Pending ReidUS 21 Enumeration type.
21-183.txt2021-10-16Pending ReidUS 21 Enum type name.
21-184.txt2021-10-16Superseded CohenResults of the J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #37
21-184r1.txt2021-10-18Info CohenResults of the J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #37
21-185.txt2021-10-16Pending CohenDefinition of segment
21-186.txt2021-10-17Vote Snyder<enumeration-type-def> is not connected to high-level syntax
21-187.txt2021-10-17Info CluneGenerics subgroup activity report
21-188.txt2021-10-18Info FriesenJ3 policies and procedures
21-189.txt2021-10-18Pending CohenInteroperable enum types, additional specs/syntax/edits
21-190.txt2021-10-18Pending CohenEditorial/technical fixes, mostly for enum types
21-191.txt2021-10-18Superseded LarkinOpenACC Liaison Report
21-191r1.txt2021-10-18Info LarkinOpenACC Liaison Report
21-192.txt2021-10-18Info SteidelTreasurer's report
21-193.txt2021-10-19Unknown LeAirFlang Liaison Report
agenda225.txt2021-10-18Pending FriesenAgenda of meeting 225
minutes224.txt2021-07-07Info MenardMinutes of meeting 224

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