Documents for meeting 219

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Name Date Status Author(s) Title
19-013.pdf2019-07-18Unknown NagleWork List
19-164.txt2019-03-07Info MenardWord and PDF versions of jeopardy letter to Kernelyize
19-164r1.pdf2019-03-07Info MenardWord and PDF versions of jeopardy letter to Kernelyze
19-164r1.docx2019-03-07Info MenardWord and PDF versions of jeopardy letter to Kernelyze
19-165.txt2019-03-24Pending LionelState that RECURSIVE has no semantics
19-166.txt2019-06-14Pending SnyderPreliminary specifications for parameterized modules
19-167.txt2019-06-14Pending SnyderPreliminary requirements for support for containers
19-168.pdf2019-06-14Pending SnyderContainers
19-169.pdf2019-06-14Pending SnyderCoroutines and Iterators
19-170.txt2019-06-14Pending SnyderSpecifications and syntax for container support
19-171.txt2019-07-05Unknown SnyderAda Committee Liaison Report
19-172.txt2019-07-05Unknown SnyderSpecification part in more <block>s
19-173.txt2019-07-05Unknown SnyderRank-agnostic array declaration
19-174.txt2019-07-05Unknown SnyderRank-agnostic array element and section denotation
19-175.txt2019-07-05Unknown SnyderConcerning N2165
19-176.txt2019-07-08Unknown ReidInterpretation request for intrinsic FAILED_IMAGES
19-177.txt2019-07-15Unknown MenardWord and PDF versions of the agenda
19-177r1.pdf2019-07-15Unknown MenardDraft Agenda M219
19-178.txt2019-07-15Unknown ReidProblematic description of TEAM_NUMBER=
19-179.txt2019-07-15Unknown Snyder, CohenInterpretation request concerning generic identifiers
19-180.txt2019-07-16Unknown ReidProblems with TEAM_NUMBER= in image selectors
19-181.txt2019-07-17Unknown ReidInterpretation request on FORM TEAM and failed images
19-182.txt2019-07-17Unknown ReidInterpretation request for failed images example
19-183.txt2019-07-17Unknown ChenClarification of global identifier
agenda219.txt2019-07-01Info NagleAgenda of meeting 219
notice219.txt2019-02-21Info NagleNotice of meeting 219

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