Documents for meeting 227

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Name Date Status Author(s) Title
22-001r4.txt2022-04-26Unknown MenardMembership report
22-001r5.txt2022-05-19Unknown MenardMembership report
22-001r6.txt2022-06-27Unknown MenardMembership report
22-007r1.pdf2022-04-22Info CohenFortran 2023 Working Draft
22-149.txt2022-03-25Pending LionelTaking note of additional processor dependencies
22-149r1.txt2022-04-22Unknown LionelTaking note of additional processor dependencies
22-150.txt2022-04-11Info CohenResults of J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #39
22-151.txt2022-04-19Superseded Clune, subgroupSpecs for generics scoping
22-151r1.txt2022-04-19Pending Clune, subgroupSpecs for generics scoping
22-152.txt2022-04-22Superseded CohenEditor's report for 22-007r1
22-152r1.txt2022-04-22Info CohenEditor's report for 22-007r1
22-153.txt2022-06-11Unknown ReidEstablished coarrays
22-154.txt2022-06-19Pending Clune, genericsGenerics formal specs
22-155.txt2022-06-21Unknown Reid, BleikampUS 22, conditional arguments
22-156.txt2022-06-23Unknown LionelRemove uses of dummy as a noun
agenda227.txt2022-06-27Unknown FriesenAgenda of meeting 227
minutes226.txt2022-03-23Info MenardMinutes of meeting 226

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