Documents for meeting 231

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Name Date Status Author(s) Title
23-001r9.txt2023-08-07Info MenardMembership report
23-208.txt2023-08-11Unknown Reid, RichardsonInterp on finalization
23-209.pdf2023-08-30Info CluneLocal Arrangement
23-210.txt2023-09-23Unknown Reid, BaderInterp
23-211.txt2023-09-26Info RichardsonArray Bounds of Constants in Templates
23-212.txt2023-09-26Info RichardsonKeyword Arguments of Deferred Procedures in Templates
23-213.txt2023-09-26Info RichardsonThe Use of Deferred Constants to Define Kind and Rank
23-214.txt2023-09-26Info Clunelogical REQUIREMENT in templates
23-215.txt2023-09-26Info Clunepolymorphic deferred types
23-216.txt2023-09-26Unknown RichardsonF2023 interp
23-217.txt2023-09-27Unknown RichardsonUsable Polymorphism in Coarrays
23-218.txt2023-10-02Unknown Reid, BaderInterp on deallocating coarrays that do not correspond
23-219.txt2023-10-02Unknown Reid, BaderInterp on correspondence of unallocated coarrays
23-220.txt2023-10-02Unknown Reid, BaderInterp for MOVE_ALLOC with FROM a coarray
23-221.txt2023-10-02Unknown Reid, BaderInterp for MOVE_ALLOC with TO a coarray
23-222.txt2023-10-03Pending genericsFormal syntax for generics
agenda231.txt2023-08-23Info BudiardjaAgenda of meeting 231

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